Wednesday, September 06, 2006

IWT revisited, and anchor search

I've mentioned IWT News before (also here),and now, as is my wont, I am bugging you about them yet again. If you are as frustrated with the unrelenting crappiness and general triviality of network and cable tv news as I am, you might find the news of the existence of IWT exceptionally welcome. They are trying to build an international English language TV news network from scratch, without corporate sponsorship(so send them buckets of money.). I hadn't even heard of them until Jonathan Schwarz mentioned them a last year. (A good thing too, because now I don't have to start my own television news network from scratch, something I wasn't particularly looking forward to doing as I think it would've taken up a lot of my time. Yes, I recycle my jokes. I'm thrifty and efficient.)

According to WikiPedia they've raised some 7 million bucks so far, and are trying to raise another 25 million by years' end. They're also accepting demo DVDs(by mail only) for people who would like to be hosts for them. Sadly I am neither pretty nor a journalist*, so I won't be sending 'em a DVR. But maybe you can-- who can stop you? Nobody! The deadline is September 15th, so get to DVRing. And don't forget to send them buckets of money.