Monday, March 06, 2006


if you are as frustrated with the unrelenting crappiness and general triviality of network and cable tv news as I am, you might find the news of the existence of IWT exceptionally welcome. I hadn't even heard of them until Jonathan Schwarz mentioned them a few months ago. (A good thing too, because now I don't have to start my own television news network from scratch, something I wasn't particularly looking forward to doing, as I think it would've taken up a lot of my time.)

IWT [Independent World Television] wants to build a real television news network without government funding or advertising revenue; essentially the plan is just to ask people for money. They are trying to appeal to the entire English speaking world, not just in the US but also Canada, England, Australia, even India. And if they can get one million people to pony up $100 per year, they'll have more than enough cash.

Or, just one person giving them 100 million dollars, which I'm sure would be ok with them. Of course, if you are planning to give them 100 million dollars, I'd like to persuade you to give me 5 or 10 grand as well, so I can go to Iraq(see right column). Call it a finder's fee, or just sheer generosity.

thoughtful dog courtesy Mark Alan Stamaty.