Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Our wacky president


Bush, jr: "I'm confident we will capture bin Laden"

Karzai: "And I'm confident the US and its assorted cronies will keep me and my silly hat in power, even if it's not safe for me to venture so much as 10 meters outside of Kabul"

makes a "surprise visit" to Afghanistan. (i.e. it would have been too dangerous to anounce it beforehand.) Later in the week he goes to India, a nuclear power which is not a signatory to the nonproliferation treaty. There he is expected to make sundry unilateral nuclear promises to her PM, either oblivious to the possibility that his hypocricy would just piss off the Iranians, or out of a perverse eagerness to do so intentionally.

I did like the opening to Fred Kaplan's Slate article about GWB's Indian visit, though:

It takes a great strategic mind, something like a chess master's, to think three or four moves ahead in plotting international diplomacy. It would be nice if the Bush administration, now and then, could think one move ahead.
Kaplan:"The President's Indian Fantasy"