Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Koufax nominations

If you are familiar with "Wampum", you probably know about the Koufax awards they administer every December, for the liberal blog community. I just drove back from San Antonio today(while driving through Austin I heard a promo for KLBJ describing it as a "Clear-Channel free zone"), and here are my nominations:

1.Best Blog:
The Sideshow- Avedon Carol

2.Best Blog -- Pro Division:
Eric Alterman- Altercation

3.Best blog community:

the American Street

4.Best Writing:
“Simbaud” at King of Zembla:

5.Best Post:
How you became Crazy” (Avedon, March 2005)

Today Is The Fourth Anniversary Of An Enormous Opportunity
(Jonathan Schwarz, September 11th, 2005)

and, yes, me:
Inauguration Notes, or the Other
(originally this was simply entitled "Inauguration Notes", but I changed it as per Simbaud's suggestion, so the URL has changed. January 2005.

6.Best Series: .........

7.Best Single Issue Blog: ............

8.Best Group Blog:
Seeing the forest

and Wampum.

9.Most Humorous Blog:
A Tiny Revolution-Jonathan Schwarz

10.Most Humorous Post
(ok, so I nominate me again. I suppose I'm being shameless. February 2005.)

11.Most Deserving of Wider Recognition:

and Jonathan Schwarz of A Tiny Revolution.

12.Best Expert Blog:
Haroon Moghul

13.Best New Blog:
Arvin Hill

My friend Arvin is worthy of note, and no, not just because he's my friend. But I have a feeling
Empire Burlesque will walk away with this one, and not undeservingly.

14.Best Coverage of State or Local Issues:
BOR: Burnt Orange Report(covering Texas politics)

15.Best Commenter: ............

I didn't nominate anyone in categories 6, 7 and 15 because I really don't read enough of other blogs to have an informed opinion here, but I figured I'd list them for anyone curious about the contest who might be otherwise unfamiliar with
Wampum and the Koufaxes.