Monday, June 09, 2008

Terrorist in the Mirror

Holier than Thou

Democracy that holy of holies that America purports to spread around like Tinkerbell spreading fairy dust is a pastime that has done nothing but cause misery, poverty and death in distant lands that many Americans probably never heard of and probably couldn’t recall even if they had. Not that I blame the average American for not knowing for who in their right mind would want to dictate to peoples on the other side of the planet how they should govern themselves. That piece of insanity is left to the purview of that lunatic class known as national leaders. Americans don’t even have much say in how they govern themselves much less other nations if the last seven odd years of “leadership” by the executive branch and the legislative branches of government are any example. However most Americans are quite familiar with Iraq and despite polls that show most Americans are sick of being the police of the world and fed up with the Iraq War for our leaders it has been the charge of the Light Brigade, full steam ahead now ranging into Somalia, back to Afghanistan, and on to Iran and not the least bit abashed by the monumental fiasco in Iraq. Then of course there is the ongoing involvement in Israel’s program of genocide and expansion at great cost to the Palestinians.

Israel is the other holy of holies that America holds so dear and close to its tin heart. Israel can do no wrong. Oh god yes the holocaust where six million Jews died at the hands of Nazi Germany should never be forgotten but should it be an excuse for the entire world to turn its back on the crimes against humanity that Israel commits against the Palestinians? Apparently, so much for the march of civilization and progressive advancement but it is America that fuels the Israeli land grabs with money, money and more money and is therefore as guilty as Israel itself for the torture of an entire population of people who had the bad luck of being in the way of Eurocentric colonialism. That grand old dame Democracy which when invoked brings tears to the eyes of progressives everywhere but which in reality has been used as a cudgel against weaker nations in order to advance American interests though exactly which Americans benefit from these muggings is something that ought to be questioned but rarely is.

Hamas gained power in Gaza through democratic elections however it wasn’t exactly what the Bush administration and Israel had in mind so democracy was thrown out with the bath water. One of Bush’s siren songs is not to talk to those whom he deems to be terrorists yet talking instead of interfering by backing the wrong strong men and instigating violence perhaps would have worked better toward a goal of peace between the Palestinians and the Israeli but then Israel has always been paramount in American Mid-East foreign policy if it can be dignified in that manner but for peace to work one must consider both sides not just one.

From Vanity Fair—

After failing to anticipate Hamas’s victory over Fatah in the 2006 Palestinian election, the White House cooked up yet another scandalously covert and self-defeating Middle East debacle: part Iran-contra, part Bay of Pigs. With confidential documents, corroborated by outraged former and current U.S. officials, David Rose reveals how President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Deputy National-Security Adviser Elliott Abrams backed an armed force under Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan, touching off a bloody civil war in Gaza and leaving Hamas stronger than ever.

Read the rest.

Condi Rides Again

The legacy of America’s penchant to support Israel in its headlong rush to stamp out the Palestinians has been a continuing violence that kills both Israeli and Palestinians though by far it is the Palestinians who are dying in the greatest numbers and suffering the most from Israel’s blockade of goods to the Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip.

The Independent—

Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, returns to the Middle East this week for yet another round of shuttle diplomacy aimed at bolstering the flagging hopes of a negotiated agreement on a future two-state solution between Israel and the moderate Palestinian leadership based in the West Bank.

What she cannot ignore, however, is what the State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, announcing her trip, cryptically called "the situation in Gaza". For in the week that marks the first anniversary of Hamas's enforced takeover of the Strip, Gaza could be nearing another turning point.

This week, Israeli ministers will again consider whether to pursue a ceasefire, after Egypt brokered an agreement among militant armed factions to drop their earlier precondition that Israel also stop military operations in the West Bank. But another scenario is that the Israelis will mount a full-scale invasion of the Strip

A majority of the Israeli security cabinet currently appears to be opposed to a ceasefire – at least without the return of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli corporal seized by Gaza militants two years ago this month. Such opposition was reinforced by the killing on Thursday of a 51-year-old Israeli father of three in a mortar attack by Gaza militants on a Negev kibbutz. His death was followed by that of a six-year-old Palestinian girl in an air strike aimed at militants.

Whatever option is taken, the debate testifies to the failure of the Strip's closure, imposed by Israel a year ago this week. Apart from the most basic humanitarian supplies, and a severely limited amount of fuel, nearly all other goods have been prevented from going in or out. But this has not stopped the rocket and mortar attacks, let alone dislodge Hamas from its control of Gaza.

So it is Condi to the rescue again, with help like hers who needs enemies. It is difficult to imagine what Condi Rice can accomplish considering her track record of utter stupidity and ignorance. Yet Rice is not alone for McCain and Obama are both as committed to defending Israel’s right to commit genocide and expand its borders and both are ready to take over where Bush leaves off recalling Obama’s speech to AIPAC where he committed himself to protecting Israel from Gaza but who will protect the Palestinians in Gaza? None of the candidates will protect the Palestinians unless the candidates change their tune but there is no reason to believe that either would do so. And all of these wondrous steps towards peace are done in the name of promoting democracy that all consuming American interest.

Saint Obama Dragon Slayer

The war by Proxy in Somalia, rarely mentioned anywhere least of all by Obama or McCain, is still another example of America’s bloody pastime for spreading the love. The Ethiopians fully backed by the Bush administration are busy little beavers slitting throats and other humanitarian endeavors in Somalia under the auspices of terrorist chasing. Then there is Afghanistan which Obama has indicated that is where he would like to “redeploy” the troops which I suppose is “change” of some type or other, perhaps a change of scenery. How wonderful it is to imagine Obama striding about the world hurling the troops after elusive “terrorists” why it brings tears to these old eyes. Yet Afghanistan is not enough for our eager Senator from Illinois because Pakistan is also on the to-do list of terrorist abatement.


In an address in March, Obama broke with Bush's policy. "We cannot tolerate a sanctuary for terrorists who threaten America's homeland and Pakistan's stability," he said. "If we have actionable intelligence about high-level al Qaida targets in Pakistan's border region, we must act if Pakistan will not or cannot."

In the sense that Pakistan is Bush’s pal this is breaking with Bush policy yet in another very real sense this is vintage Bush right down the line. What Obama implies is that Pakistan cannot govern itself so it is up to America in our infinite wisdom and our right to lord it over the rest of the world as long as there is the least bit of chance that there might be the ghost of a threat to almighty America. If Pakistan can’t America can. Maybe we should change our nation’s name to Americacan that way at least it would rhyme with the names of our victims. Heavens to Betsy and goodness me let’s not forget Iran speaking of rhymes. Saint Obama the Dragon Slayer has said we cannot wait, time has run out, diplomacy has failed, we must act now. I swear there seems to be a problem here. I thought I knew what the word “change” meant. Perhaps I have been laboring under a falsehood. I’ll have to look in a dictionary to see what change really means for this is all incomprehensible,

Since we are so consumed by terrorists shouldn’t we identify who the terrorists really are? Would that not be a wise first step? And it is easily accomplished, just go look in a mirror and you are sure to see a terrorist. Over one million dead in Iraq, millions more in exile and I have not even seen any body count for Afghanistan and Somalia. Move over Iran and Pakistan.

Get ready for democracy.

Get ready for love.

Ready or not here we come.