Saturday, June 07, 2008

Purple People Eaters

I’m fairly amazed at the amount of out and out hate and bile piled upon Hillary Clinton. I wouldn’t vote for her myself but I mean really one would think from what I have been reading that Hillary Clinton is the source of all evil on the planet. True she is a monster, she is what she is, but then America is rife with monsters, always has been. Even after she has lost the nomination people continue to pile on her with tirade after tirade eyes bulging, faces purple, double chins quivering. You guys look pretty funny. Get a grip on it. She lost already. Move on.

Gak, I’m sick of this political crap, people get wound up like a top and their beanie copters fly off into space. After a parade of ding-dong leaders striding through the millennium all of a sudden things are gonna change, yessiree, Obama is gonna revamp the cosmos. Big things are coming our way, it’s the dawn of a new age to hell with Aquarius we got Obama, if he wins that is. Some people can predict the future with unerring accuracy but your humble servant has flubbed that one time and again so if you want expert opinions (world is full of experts) go somewhere else. There is plenty to choose from.

The big news is Bush is trying to wrangle a secret deal where America is forced to stay in Iraq. I don’t get it, if it is a secret why is it on every blog this side of the Great Divide? Let’s see now, we have built permanent military bases in Iraq and now we want to keep them, wow, what an epiphany. If Bush cannot get his way then the invasion and occupation of Iraq will become illegal! Yeah, that ought to stop the occupation dead in its tracks. I had no idea it was legal to begin with but hey we learn something new everyday. After this world shattering election Pelosi and gang will tell us we are forced to stay in Iraq by that bad man Bush and Obama can go kablama in Iran and Pakistan. There is no shortage of prime real estate occupied by enemies of America. America has enemies everywhere! If they aren’t there we can invent them, we’re good at that sort of thing. Or alternatively McCain the songbird of Vietnam can take the helm with steady hands and a steely glance. What ever happens there is sure to be fun for the entire family.