Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Of Monsters and Men

People have told me that they don’t understand what I mean by referring to Hillary Clinton as a monster. I don’t know, sometimes I am at my wits end as how to convey that what passes for national leadership in America is a monstrous pastime but once more I will make an attempt. Facts bounce off the shield that people have erected against criticism of what our government actually does so this attempt is probably futile but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Let me try to be clear about this. To attack and kill people of another nation -- or anyone for that matter -- is absolutely immoral in every sense of the word and it is a word I don’t particularly care to use because horrendous things have been accomplished in the name of morals. Yes certainly people have the right to defend themselves against attack by others but this has not been the case of American foreign policy for many years now. Even if Saddam Hussein had been behind 9/11, even if he had WMD and connections to al Qaida, to do what we have done this past five years and continue to do today is wrong. People are under the impression -- thanks to the news media -- that the main cause of deaths in Iraq has been because of a civil war and this is simply not true. Sixty to seventy percent of the deaths have been a direct result of American soldiers attacking and killing Iraqi people. Let’s say that Saddam was behind 9/11 just as a hypothesis and even so would that justify murdering 600,000 to 700,000 citizens? I don’t think that any sane person would feel this was a justifiable action. Yet this is actually only one example of numerous killings carried out by the American government since the end of WWII.

I recall during the buildup to invasion -- which resembled a pep rally for a high school football game – people in Congress like Hillary Clinton and many other Democrats were all for attacking Iraq. They abrogated their own responsibility by turning over their Constitutional powers to a smarmy, smirking, shallow, and criminally insane president who virtually had inherited the throne of power from his father. There is nothing that I am aware of that could convince me that the denizens of Congress did not know better. How could they not? Had they suddenly popped into existence as Senators and Representatives completely ignorant of the way our government operates? This is simply too hard to believe. Though there are many people acting as apologists for the Democratic Party and their role in the Iraq War they can only do so by ignoring the well documented history of the Democratic Party’s support for the Iraq War from the very beginning and continuing today. We already know that the Republican Party by and large has supported the war and are not shy about saying so while the Democrats pretend to be against the war while doing everything they can to insure it continues. The Democratic apologists naturally have their own versions of this but they are credible only to the gullible and the blind which include the Democrats are afraid of being accused of being traitors (not supporting the troops), they don’t have the votes, they have been outwitted by the same president who the apologists consider to be an idiot, perhaps the only thing the apologists have gotten correct, that Bush is an idiot I mean. Yet all of these myths have been exploded time and again over the past few years but the faithful still cling to their myths for dear life, even the same people who have exploded those myths.

After the Gulf War The Clinton’s presided over the United Nations inhumane sanctions against Iraq during which and a direct result of were the deaths of at least several hundred thousand Iraqi children and the most around 500,000. While the exact numbers have been debated are several hundred thousand dead children an acceptable number, is the death of one child acceptable? One of Hillary Clinton’s claims in the current presidential election is that she has experience to bring to the oval office meaning she had a strong role to play in foreign policy at the time of Bill Clinton’s presidency. So by her own words she was instrumental in the brutal sanctions against Iraq and thus knowingly and willingly shared in the responsibility of so many deaths of innocent children who have no part to play in world affairs other than as victims. To purposefully murder children is the act of a monster – there is no other way to say it without being dishonest or abiding by double standards.

To those people who are not moved by the needless slaughters of innocent children at the hands of the American government from the time of the Clinton years and on to the present Criminal–in–Chief then all I can say that there is nothing on heaven and Earth that could move you. You are so engulfed in the American culture that you cannot see what lies before your very eyes but that is hardly surprising for the indoctrination of the American mind has been a very thorough affair carried out by the news media, television programs, movies and a history that has been white washed and bleached clean of the blood dripping from the hands of our national leaders