Friday, May 16, 2008

Beyond All That

I really don’t find much to get excited about in this election except the one-sided garbage spewed out by both sides of the isle, progressives and conservatives alike. When you tell only one side of the story it is very manipulative in that the person telling the one-sided story feels he/she knows better than the people they are trying to manipulate and no doubt this makes the story teller feel oh-so-noble with his/her infinite wisdom that they pour upon us ignoramuses. Whatever the motives it is still manipulative.

I don’t support any of the candidates because the system for electing them has one dominating factor and that is that no candidate shall be nominated much less elected without a stamp of approval from the American Establishment. Thus any candidate that turns him/herself into a whore for the American Establishment will do nothing to upset the status quo. That’s how I see it, and that is why I don’t support any candidate.

Everyone should decide for themselves without the manipulative one-sided stories that abound in the news media and the blogosphere what they wish to do in any election. To date it has been a typically disgusting race to the bottom. The only time I feel any empathy at all is for Obama (who I don’t support) when he is the victim of racial slurs and innuendo. But this has always been a racist nation from the very beginning and despite any legislation to make things a bit more equal the racist nature of many Americans remains a deeply engrained facet of this nation. Dennis Perrin has written a very thoughtful post on the racial aspect regarding Obama and I suggest you go read it.


Meanwhile the murder and mayhem abroad continues unabated. What concerns me the most is America’s Imperial slaughterhouse raging in Somalia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly soon in Iran. Since it is our militarism that is destroying our nation and ripping our culture – such as it is – apart I find that topic to be of far more importance than some changing of the guard for our next murderer-in-chief. But even more than what our one hundred years of endless war is doing to America what grieves me the most is the brutal and barbaric slaughter of innocents in other nations that is occurring even as I write this.

Though our flawed news media occasionally writes a somewhat truthful article that actually illustrates what is happening in our war against terror (a stupid term) for the most part it cheers us on to the next war and the next one after that. It happens time and again and coupled with the false history of America that is part and parcel of most American’s concept of what our nation actually stands for which is built upon the base of manifest destiny the progenitor of American exceptionalism it hardly seems likely that anything shall change anytime soon. Probably the best we can hope for is that as the American dollar devaluates we shall run out of money for our murderous pastimes and shall no longer be able to attack other nations with the impunity that has been the hallmark of American Imperialism.

The best and worst that America has to offer seems to stem from the educated elite who look down their snooty noses at the working and middle classes. At universities around the country the so-called think tanks such as the Hoover Institute at Stanford University have been among the strongest proponents of American imperialism and American exceptionalism. At the same time some of the best critics of our endless wars have come from these same universities. Not all Americans are ignorant. Not all Americans are stupid. Not all Americans are racists. Not all Americans worship the almighty dollar. Most Americans know when they are getting screwed. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of all Americans and because of that and the willingness of the powers that be to manipulate for their own benefit one day soon America is going to take a fall and we shall hit the ground of reality rather hard. For the sake of the decent Americans I do hope it will not be a fatal fall but none can tell.

There are many concerns right here at home from the demise of the middle class, the loss of jobs for the working class, the hardships of life for the poor and disenfranchised, the preservation of what is left of our natural world and wildlife which is a national treasure by any measure. But none of these looming problems can be affectively addressed as long as we spend our life blood on imperialism which always has been a fools errand perpetrated by fools at the great cost of other fools.