Friday, June 20, 2008

Revelations Two and Three Quarters

Just looking at the news this morning is like some kind of demented nightmare from a Salvador Dali painting. Congress giving Bush everything he wants in war funding and wire tapping, oil prices rising once again against a weakening dollar, Israel is rehearsing for an attack on Iran. What more could you ask for?

The Obama faithful cling to their guru despite all the indications that have been revealed recently giving us a nice little preview of what life might be like with Obama behind the wheel, pretty much as it is now. McCain also promises more of the same and people continue to argue who will be the best man to keep things pretty much the same as our ship of state plunges over a precipice. Yes this is the most important election ever as they ever are. Say anything against Obama and his faithful become unhinged splattering the ground with their brains and delusional rants, the sound of hope hitting the toilet bowl.

This past year has been quite instructive if we recall all the hopes and dreams of a Democratic majority in Congress and all the good things that were going to happen. Congress would end the Iraq War, dispatch with Bush, rout the Republicans, restore the Constitution, and make things as they should be which is what many thought, if you were a five year old that is but then, oh never mind.

And just to make things more wonderful that patriotic time of year approaches the good old Fourth of July which always brings the nutballs out scurrying from under rocks like cockroaches eyes popping out of their purple varicose veined heads and their elephant ears flapping in the breeze like so many blood shot flags. “Remember the Alamo” they shout as they jump on their pogo sticks and hop off into the sunset.

Yes indeedy revelations are coming fast and thick. Two thirds of the population are candidates for the rubber room while our leaders saw their fiddles like so many mad Roman emperors amidst orgies of blood letting no longer even bothering to hide the corruption and thievery, bribes and kickbacks, kiss the babies and hang on to your hopes, its about all you got left.