Monday, September 17, 2007, pt 2

one of my correspondents informs me that even the AP is getting into the video hosting thing now, albeit via (The picture quality is better at the link above, but it's too large to fit on this template without compressing the image.)

also, here are some Youtube links to videos of the demonstration. I almost went but had an unexpected obligation I couldn't wriggle out of.

(8.32; this one shows a lot of back-and-forth between "gathering of eagles" and some of the antiwar protesters.)

(1:44; essentially a shorter version of the 8:32 clip, with the emphasis on the more obnoxious persons and none of the humor of the previous clip.)

(7:01; a vid by the war supporters .)

(back to the lefties:9:54;pt 1)

(3:31; pt 2 from the same guy, above.)

(5:22; Cindy Sheehan--unfortunately this is a very poor quality video.)

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