Friday, September 07, 2007

Sept15 button

As you may already know, the ANSWER Coalition is planning a rally in Washington for Saturday, September 15th. I am contemplating going, if I can get away and if I can swing it monetarily. I've never attended a mass political rally, and I am an agnostic on the question of whether or not they actually work, especially in an age where the news is filtered by corporate interests and half a million people could show up and all you'd hear about on Monday might be the NFL scores.

So, if I go I mean to approach it with an open mind, and try to shoot a mini-documentary of the goings-on. I am especially curious if the persons who have given money to Iraqdoc 2007 think I should go, as a trial, getting ready for a very different locale for when I go to the middle east in late December.

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