Wednesday, September 05, 2007


What has changed since the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs?

Not Much.

Consider that the only societies to develop different classes are those that developed a monetary system. For example among North American Native Americans only one tribe developed a monetary system and it was the only tribe that had different classes. A few years ago I read Michael Chrichton’s book “Prey” where in his usual preachy style of writing he said that it is natural for humans to have a leader, and I am paraphrasing here and no this not an endorsement of the Libertarian Party. While this may be partly true, if only because that is what we are accustomed to it is not completely so, many Native American Tribes had no official “leader” and in fact everyone in the tribe was on an equal footing with their peers, women, men, children, all equal, what a concept. Americans like to believe that this equality is a facet of American life yet with only a moment’s reflection it does not hold water. We have a monetary system, therefore we have different classes, and therefore we are not all equal in our society.

Each class has its uniform which we devoutly wear except perhaps for special social occasions. For the wealthy it might be polo shirts, expensive Italian shoes and a cardigan sweater flung over the back with the arms tied around the neck rather like a Superman cape. For the working class the standard issue is blue jeans, tee shirts and knobby boots. For kids it is what ever is “in” at the time mostly determined by the fashion industry and a thorough brain washing by television commercials.

As Iraq disintegrates while the bell is tolling for Iran soon to feel the gentle ministrations of American generosity and love we could hypothetically trace the horrific slaughter back to the invention of the monetary system which brought with it the class system that we so much enjoy today. The great enabler of our economic system is oil. Oil almost literally makes the world go round. Oil delivers our food to the markets, runs the machinery that the giant farm conglomerates use to tend their farms, heats our homes, and creates the electricity we use. Without oil our society would collapse into a stinking ruinous heap and chaos would soon ensue.

Anyone who does not believe that oil is the only real reason that we are in the Middle-East spreading the love is not paying attention. We are not there to spread democracy, we are not there because of bogey man terrorists, we are not there because we are a shining light in the darkness. We are there because in order to maintain our lifestyle in a manner that we are accustomed to we need more oil, can’t get enough oil, more oil.

The leading democrats know this is true and is why we hear Hillary Clinton, Obama, Edwards etc. all cheerleading their manly war-hoops as they center Iran in their gun-sights. Ready, aim, fire, Boom, another million people dead. In an alternate universe perhaps instead of waging an Imperial war against planet Earth America with its vast resources, technological advancements and money is working on alternative energy sources rather than acting like some kind of super mugger of smaller nations but not in this reality.

Today some liberals are hanging onto the Democrat Party, they seem to believe Obama who tells us that all the evils in the world stem from Iran, Iran the enemy, Iran the evil, Iran the nation of crazies. As Obama and Hillary Clinton face the bitter East, noble brows to the wind, their eyes on a vision of the future where America dominates in a new unipolar world don’t believe a word they say.

Update: I removed the last sentence from this post in view of reading a post by Jonathan Schwarz which made me realize that my last sentence was not an accurate one. My apologies.

Read Jonathan’s post here. It is an exceptional post.