Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a Delara update

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from myspace's Help Delara bulletin:
Subject: Delara's final appeal is filed
According to Etemaad newspaper, the final appeal to Iran's head of judiciary was filed by Delara Darabi's attorney. Abdolsamad Khoramshahi told the newspaper " In murder cases, confessions alone are unacceptable and only serve as a supporting cause to help the judge verify the facts. Delara only once in the beginning after her arrest- with a specific intention- accepted the responsibility of murder but for the past three years she has been screaming that her confession was false and she is innocent. Obviously reenactment of the crime scene which was promised by the judge who issued the death sentence would easily help discover the facts

Khoramshahi is hopeful that Ayatollah Shahrudi, head of Iran's judiciary would stop the death sentence.
where credit is due: earlier I said there was a dearth of discussion of Delara's situation in the blogosphere. First, let me praise Jonathan Schwarz and Avedon Carol for mentioning Delara's plight. I wrote to roughly a dozen bigshot lefty bloggers regarding ms. Delara, and Jon n' Avedon responded. You other guys, well, no X-mas cards for you. Coincidentally, I note that conservo majordomo Glenn Reynolds, whom I didn't contact, posted about Delara, here.

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