Monday, September 11, 2006

9.10 and 3/4

I decided to check my comments after watching the nightly news.(On NBC tonight. I'm Katied out. She warned me on her debut last Tuesday that Limbaugh would be on 2 days later and I skidaddled. Well that, and she described freedom of speech as a privilege, apropo of her introducing CBS News's new nightly editorial foofaraw.)

NBC dutifully reported that nothing whatsoever is going on, anywhere in the world, besides 9.11 commemorations. Did the other networks report anything different? Fox probably had a little more footage of Junior hugging people than their competitors did, but I'm guessing that's it. I think I might be more a more patriotic person if I avoided TV news altogether. Look, don't get me wrong-- I really don't see myself as a curmudgeon, nor do I place particular value in the curmudgeonly approach to life. All the same, I tire very quickly of corporate TV whores, the politicians included, climbing all over each other trying to outdo one another in subtly telling us what kind of ideological import we should be ingesting viz 9.11, and precisely how to swallow it. And how lucky we are to be spoon-fed said lessons.

I am not altogether averse to sentiment, per se, just the false and cheap kind. I do like this image, for example, taken by photographer Don Nixon in 1999: