Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wikipedia buttons

I need a break from all the bad news. Luckily for me, I can afford myself one. Hello world of bloggers. I made some buttons that you can use if you'd like to link to Wikipedia. To (very roughly) paraphrase Stanley Kubrick, there may be other sites with wikipedia buttons, some smaller, some larger, some more interesting buttons, some that are slicker and more appealing. But these are my wikipedia buttons.

I made them, and to the extent that I am allowed to offer them, I'm offering them. They're free for you to copy n' paste and use*, as long as you use them to accurately link to wikipedia, whether the English version or another one, and not to a redirect of any sort. If I find out I can't offer them, naturally I'll yank this post, but presently I can't forsee a problem. By no means do I represent them as official Wikipedia/Wikimediaofferings, and I'm guessing most people reading this are probably sensible enough to realize this. I made them slightly bigger than they need to be so you could resize them as you see fit. (most will probably find dimensions around 120 to 125 pixels wide by 40 to 45 pixels high ideal.

If you like them and use one or more(?) of them, I encourage you to tell people you got your button from Hugo Zoom, a truly dandy blog that is very, very interesting and worth checking out. Even one "very" would be great if you are one of those persons who eschews exageration, and I totally, totally understand if you are.

Finally, on a more serious note: if you are feeling really generous, I will encourage you(and do encourage you) to donate to the send me to Iraqdoc 2007, my effort to go to Iraq in September of 2007 to shoot a documentary concentrating on the ordinary people of Iraq. You can help via the nice Paypal and/or Amazon buttons to the right(well, possibly to the upper right if you see this later on a monthly archive page, etc.) It's not a quid pro quo obviously, because you owe me nothing for these buttons. The Amazon button is anonymous and paid through your Amazon account, if you have one, so if you only want to give a buck or two and are simultaneously embarassed to give so little, please don't be. Of course by that same token don't be embarassed to give me 40 or 50 bucks either. I believe 50 is the max via Amazon anyway. (Yes, you see your name if you have an account, but I would only see that if I had your Amazon cookie(s) on my computer, and I don't, I have my Amazon cookies and that's it. Amazon explains how that works here.)

PS: I would be particularly remiss in this context if I failed to point out that you can also give money to the Wikipedia folks, so here's the link for that.

*Regarding hotlinking: if you have a blog that is actually hosted by blogger at an http://***** type url, I'm guessing(?) you should be able to use the same url, unless blogger has recently come out with a policy against doing that which I don't know about. But outside the "blogspot" enviroment you need to host it elsewhere, such as at a flickR account or via your blog host. I'm not in a position to tell you that you have my permission to hotlink, cause it's google's bandwidth, not mine.