Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Goodbye, and thanks for all the money*

"Last week, as it must to all most men, death came to Kenneth Lee Lay."

*I was going to entitle this "Getting Layed," but I recognized how coarse and unforgiveable it would have been, so I didn't. (Unlike Mr Lay himself, who is apparently very forgiveable.**)
Or, "Don't Get Laid(in a coffin). Get Cremated! No pesky digging up of your remains by subsequent court order to worry about!" But that of course was too wordy.

from today's BBC News:Enron witness found dead in park:
A body found in north-east London has been identified as that of a banker who was questioned by the FBI about the Enron fraud case. Police said they were treating the death in Chingford of Neil Coulbeck, who worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland until 2004, as "unexplained". He had been interviewed by the FBI as a potential witness.
Three ex-workers of RBS subsidiary NatWest are being extradited to the US on Thursday to face fraud charges.