Monday, February 13, 2006

Pat Neff and the laughing Shriner
Texas State Library Archive

Pat Neff was a Texas governor for 2 terms, from 1921-1925(they were 2 year terms back then.). This photo is from the Texas State Library in Austin, taken in Waco when he was running for office, circa 1920. The incident in South Texas with Cheney shooting another hunter this weekend* reminded me that I had this photo and have been meaning to post it. Neff had a reputation as a great conservationist, and there is a state park named after him. I don't think he ever shot anybody.

*the White house is blaming Whittington, the 78 year old guy Cheney shot, for the incident(!), and said that they didn't announce the incident to the press for nearly a day because they wanted to protect Whittington's privacy(!!). Magnanimity beyond words.