Sunday, February 12, 2006

Last Tango in Terre Haute

Last Tango in Paris-1 bw
see, that title just wouldn't have worked, so they had to set it in Paris. It's a little hard to believe, 30 plus years later, that Last Tango was released with an X rating, as it seems a lot less naughty today.

I note that ImdB saysthat there's an Italian cut of the film that's 250 minutes long(!) , which is a good 2 hours longer than the US/UK version.(maybe they mean 150 minutes, which would make a lot more sense, and make it roughly 20 minutes longer. ) The Freudian underpinnings of Brando's characterization also may make it seem dated to some people, although for me his performance here stands up a lot more than his overrated one in The Godfather from around the same time.