Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's all true

I have a sure-fire way to remove those miserable Netflix popups,
I have Angelina Jolie's telephone number(hello puzzled Googlers!), and this is not a pipe. Ok, so none of it is true. I think.

But I have been nominated for a Koufax for most humorous post(probably by me, but why quibble?), for "Powerline Style" from last February! Isn't that awesomely awesome? If you want to support my quest to raise money to go to Iraq in the summer of next year to film IraqDoc 2007, an inexpensive way to do this is to vote for me for most humorous post so that I may become a semi-finalist or even a finalist and maybe raise the profile of this blog so that people become aware of the IraqDoc project and send me money, whether via Paypal or your Amazon account.

Or you can email me and I can give you a regular "snailmail" address here in Denton. The Amazon deal takes as little as one dollar, and I think I see 82 cents if you actually do that, but the percentage chunk is smaller for larger amounts. If you have questions about what I'm trying to do with the proposed documentary, you can also email, or leave a comment below.

(If you have an Amazon account and are leery of dealing with Paypal, clicking on the Amazon button to the right takes you directly to their site and they disburse the money to me, less their fee, and it's anonymous, unless you tell me about it.)

And if you want to see the links to all the nominated posts, it's here.