Tuesday, January 17, 2006

assorted images

Joanne Whalley and Ian McKellen from Scandal, 1989, via McKellen.com I've noticed that in a surprising number of her movies, Joanne Whalley either stabs somebody or she gets stabbed, but not here.

map-o-england diana muldaur-smST mozilla-you-clod

duchamp-LHOOQ-viaartlex-dot-com ariana richards painting-web-dot-green-dot-ch-

mermaid-ariana richards former kid actress Arianna Richards became a painter
(but the faux Mona lisa, "LHOOQ" is from Duchamp...)

naked cord 810 archiv-dot-neviditelnypes-dot-zpravy-dot-cz
and, a naked car! Ok, this is a semi-nude 1937 Cord. Cars were more modest back then.
from some Czech site, here.