Monday, January 16, 2006


MLK-francis miller-LIFE-utsa-edu
photo courtesy Francis Miller/LIFE magazine and UTSA.

as you know, Martin Luther King would have been 77 years and one day old today.His actual birthday was yesterday, January 15th.
(As I grow older, it seems more amazing to me that he accomplished all he did in 39 years with us.)

MLK crowd at DC 250-000 aug 63

this of course is the iconic photo of the crowd at the mall, estimated at around 250 thousand, that heard MLK speak in August of 1963. We have had crowds this big since, noteably in the spring of 2003 to protest the upcoming war on Iraq. But you wouldn't know it from modern day TV news coverage in the US. Unlike in '63, we now we have 3 full-time 24 hour news channels in the US... and a public that's less well-informed than ever.