Thursday, January 12, 2006

faith-based butchery and other items

Billmon, after a break: "a bipartisan scandal"

Al-jazeera: "Lebanese gays challenge region's biggst taboo"

(Is this why George Bush, jr thinks they're terrorists?)

Stony Brook prof Michael Schwartz in Asia Times:
Consider then this gruesome arithmetic: if the US fulfills its expectation of surpassing 150 air attacks per month, and if the average air strike produces the (gruesomely) modest total of 10 fatalities, air power alone could kill well over 20,000 Iraqi civilians in 2006. Add the ongoing (but reduced) mortality due to other military causes on all sides, and the 1,000 civilian deaths per week rate recorded by the Hopkins study could be dwarfed in the coming year.

The new US strategy, billed as a way to de-escalate the war, is actually a formula for the slaughter of Iraqi civilians.

(will George Bush, jr maintain they're all terrorists?)