Friday, January 06, 2006

Pat Robertson is the devil

Pat Robertson-cnn
"I'm even crazier than you thought I was."

from CNN:

The prime minister, who withdrew Israeli settlers and troops from Gaza and parts of the West Bank last summer over heated objections from his own Likud Party, was breathing with the aid of a ventilator after doctors operated to stop the bleeding in his brain.

Robertson, 75, founded the Christian Coalition and in 1988 failed in a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. He last stirred controversy in August, when he called for the assassination of Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez. (Full story)

Robertson later apologized, but still compared Chavez to Hitler and former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in the process.

The same month, the Anti-Defamation League criticized Robertson for warning that God would "bring judgment" against Israel for its withdrawal from Gaza, which it had occupied since the 1967 Mideast war.

Robertson said Thursday that Sharon was "a very likable person, and I am sad to see him in this condition." [????]

Do the 1 million people who watch this guy even think about the stuff he says? Do they believe they love Israel?

Is it, "I'm sad to see him in this condition, but hey, it's God's judgement." ? If you don't have to be accountable for the crazy stuff you say, where does leave everyone else?

Ok, I can do it too: I'm just kidding, he's not the devil. I'm just sad to see how crazy he's become.

Oh that's right, everyone else is swimming in a decadent miasma of moral relativism, but not Pat and his flock, so I can't do that.

Luke 4:6
The devil said to him, "I will give you all this authority, and their glory, for it has been delivered to me; and I give it to whomever I want.