Tuesday, January 04, 2005

the tsunami, et al

I've been reluctant to post about the disaster in South Asia because I've felt it would be largely redundant, as most persons who might be reading this already know how to find resources for helping the people there. Nevertheless, if you don't, there's these:

first, two general resources, :
1.the tsunamihelp blog, which has had over a million visits since it's inception on 12.26,* and
2.Google's tsunami relief help page, listing various charities.

3. Catholic Relief Services
which is not listed on 1 and 2(as I write this).

and, if you prefer to deal with someone who already has your credit/debit card info, there's:
4. Amazon.Com's help page(funds go to the American Red Cross), and
5.Paypal's help page(funds go to Unicef.).

*Undoubtedly George W.("what's google?") Bush would cite this statistic(if he knew about it), as well as the Doctors Without Borders announcement that they no longer need donations for their South Asia effort, as proof that all we need is the private sector in this fine world when acts of God kill thousands of brown people, as opposed to when we kill thousands of brown people on purpose, which is the thing for which we do need government. Okay, he'd probably leave that second part out. Okay, he'd probably leave the first part out too, because he knows it would only remind people of what a cheap-ass motherfucker he was when he first announced that US aid for disaster relief would be 4 million. What, you think the first announced amount was 15 million, or maybe 35 million? No, on Sunday the 26th it was 4 million, according to the Washington (moonie) Times**, then 15 mill on the 27th, then 35 million on Tuesday the 28th. Since I've resolved to a. use less convoluted sentences and b. not call George W. Bush a cheap-ass motherfucker when it isn't warranted, I apologize for the convoluted sentence at the beginning of this paragraph. If my views offend you, I reccomend you give more money than I have. That'll show me.

(**In other words, the initial offer was one tenth the estimated cost of the upcoming inauguration gala.
via "image, meet reality," at the road to surfdom.)