Friday, December 17, 2004

Somewhat apropo of Bill Moyers last regular PBS broadcast this evening...

Since people like to write End Of The Yeary stuff around now,
I thought I'd take note of (some of)the lefty blogs that closed shop in 2004.
(Links to the sites that are still up.)

the hauser report. Jeff Hauser announced in January(I think it was) that he was quitting blogging to go work for the Clark campaign, but never returned, and the url is gone now too. I know he had an e-mail list, but I never signed up, and have no idea if it's still active.

media whores online. "the horse." url also gone.

free pie by kim osterwalder . now links to an ad-based pseudo-search engine, and if you go to her earlier it's still there, but it redirects you to the former. Kim if you're out there, please turn off your re-direct, and consider posting your archives at your blogspot site, at least the text and links. We miss you.

counterspin central. I hate to admit I hardly ever read hesiod. Some bloggers would have you believe they read 80 or 90 or 100 blogs a day, but I think that's nuts, I mean if they're actually doing that. My life is not terribly interesting at present, but even I have better things to do. You can't read everything. url also gone.

Billmon.I hardly ever read Billmon either, but note that his site's archives are still up. The sign says Whiskey Bar closed.

Notes on the Atrocities. First Emma became Jeff, then posted about wondering if he should start over with a differently named blog, then he stopped altogether. I'm glad his archives are still up, as I rather liked this blog. Thanks Jeff.

I liked Tristero too. He stopped posting after election day, and Kerry's concession.

And finally, Curtiss Leung's Hector Rottweiller. Curtiss was always interesting.

On the other side of the vast blogospheric divide, I note that the verbose Steven Den Beste of USS Clueless has closed up shop(yippee.), although his site is still up and he has a link for his adoring fans to download a 18 mb zip file of his blogging oeuvre(?!). I'm tempted to encourage any lefty reading this to go and eat up his bandwidth for sport, but I don't think you should because Den Beste was just a pompous gas bag, and not vile like, say, Little Green Footballs or Free Republic. And he's apparently spared us his post on why social security privatization is a good thing. Incidentally, a young self described democrat named Timi Allen has a blog at , although she doesn't write very much on politics. I wonder if she knows she's inadvertently named her blog after a high profile right-wing blog.

addendum, 12/20/2004: there was also Blake's("Praktike") AmericanFootprint.Com.