Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Je veux manger 500 butées toriques...

Did you know google has a free translator? I mean besides the translate this page feature in the toolbar. I need to mail a letter to an old friend in France, and I wanted to write "please forward if neccessary" on the envelope, or words to that effect. Unfortunately the translator doesn't work that well. I got

"priere si neccearry"

and translated it back to double-check, and it came back as "prayer if neccessary",
which doesn't seem very helpful in this context. I eventually settled on

"courrier vers l'avant si neccessary"

after translating the words separately, and am (slightly) more confident that this should work.

[Incidentally, if you've thus far resisted switching to Mozilla or Firefox because they aren't supported by the google toolbar, you should know that somebody from Mozilla has developed one, which is available here.]

addendum, Sep 2005: a French reader wrote to me months later saying that the correct form is

Faire suivre, SVP (i.e. Make follow, please). So know you know. And I have at least 1 French reader!