Sunday, July 27, 2003

At First, I Thought It Was a Joke...

At a site entitled the "Presidential Golf/Christian Prayer Team" you will find a section with names of government officials for you to pray for(which includes, among others, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and "Presidential Special Envoy for Free Iraqis, Zalmay Khalilzad".). This is unsurprising, in itself-- but there is also a section entitled "ALIEN LEADERS TO BE CONDEMNED THIS MONTH (May they burn in Hell)"

the list in toto:

"President of Iraq
Saddam Hussein

President of France
Jacques Chirac

Chancellor of Germany
Gerhart Schroeder

Spiritual Leader of Al Qaida
Osama bin Laden

Prime Minister of Russia
Vladimir Putin

President of Turkey*
Whoever he is"

And I thought Bush looked deep into Putin's dreamy post-communist soul and saw a good man. I guess that was last year. The author of this messed-up site also writes:

Pray for the safety and security of all American troops around the world, especially those in the Gulf region awaiting a final, joint decision from God and the President. May many of them seek faith in God to comfort them as they contemplate war. And let us pity those of our soldiers who don't belong to our heavenly religion.

(emphasis mine.)

(I was Googling in search of the Newsweek cover photo of GW Bush praying when I came across this sickening display of phony-baloney Christianity.) I say deliver us from these self-righteous wackos and their president.

*he's a prime minister, one Abdullah Gul.