Thursday, July 17, 2003

Stirling Moss says:

the advent of technology in Formula One has made it harder for young drivers to make their mark on the circuit.

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso have immense skills, but the difficulty is that the cars are so good, so many things a really brilliant driver could inject have been lessened.

Automatic gearboxes and traction control "remove skill", thereby making it hard for the young lions to show their mettle alongside Michael Schumacher."

'He's the best,' Moss says of the Ferrari-driving German.

'But the sophistication of the modern car makes it difficult for [Kimi and Fernando] to show just how good they are.'

Sir Stirling similarly thinks that advances in safety has made motor racing less exciting for all; drivers and spectators alike.

'For me, driving with danger on my shoulder increased my pleasure,' he said.

'I didn't want to die, but I'd feel really hyped up if I really aced a corner under those circumstances. It was a real buzz.'

The 73-year-old Moss was interviewed at Silverstone for this weekend's British Grand Prix.