Thursday, July 17, 2003

Netscape, RIP
First Montgomery Ward, then Oldsmobile, and now this:

AOL announced on July 16th that it was laying off the key staff responsible for developing the Netscape browser. A spokesman denied that this meant that the browser would no longer be developed in the future, blah blah blah...

Even if this was inevitable for some time now, I hate to see it happen. I still prefer Netscape's mail client(Netscape Messenger, or Net Mess, as some affectionately call it...) to Outlook Express, although I'll admit I use MS IE 6 more and more for general browsing, in no small part because of the integrated Google toolbar.(If you try Netscape 7x you'll notice that the bookmarks now work essentially the same way as they do with MS IE.)

Still, it's too bad. Will the Mozilla project ever develop an end-user friendly browser, now that they're on their own?