Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dennis Kucinich and

Rob Payne has a really smashing post directly below,"One Party Rule," which I point out because if you're the sort to just read the latest post I hope you won't ignore it. Rob mentions Dennis Kucinich, and somewhat coincidentally I wanted to note that I just got a bulletin from Kucinich's myspace page administrator regarding a new website for the Kucinich campaign,, with which he hopes to replicate some of the financial windfall and buzz that Ron Paul generated last month with his co-ordinated "money-bomb" in which scores of people donated to Paul's campaign all on a single day and made him the leading GOP fundraiser in the presidential race for the quarter.

from the bulletin:

Kucinich really wins the lottery!
"Supporters of Dennis Kucinich have begun another "money bomb!" The website is - and updates the pledges of donors on a graph updated hourly. The website has been up for only a few days, but has already garnered 170 pledges of a minimum $100 each."

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