Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Naomi n' Naomi

Naomi Klein n Naomi Wolf
If you are a good liberal-- and naturally I hope you are-- then you probably (1) care about being able to tell Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf apart, and (2) occasionally have some difficulty doing so.

So as a public service and an excuse to post a picture of a couple of Naomis, I am offering this simple primer to help you tell these Naomis apart:

1.Naomi Klein(on the left), born in Montreal, is Canadian. Naomi Wolf, born in California, is American.

2.Naomi Klein is probably best known for No Logo, published in 2000. Naomi Wolf is probably best known for The Beauty Myth(1990).

2b.Unfortunately, Naomi Wolf is also known for a bit of righty/MSM misinformation: for supposedly having advised Al Gore to "wear more earth tones" when she was an advisor to him during the 2000 campaign. Although she was in fact an advisor to Gore, there is no actual evidence that she said this, and it was just another example of the idiotic big media narrative about how Gore was less authentic and out of touch when compared to the "authentic" George Bush, Jr. [...]

3. Naomi Klein is married, whereas Naomi Wolf is divorced.(Yes, I noticed the lack of a wedding ring in Naomi Klein's photo, above. But I wouldn't read too much into it-- she probably just doesn't want her new book to be jealous, since they probably spent a lot of time together.)

4. Speaking of new books, they each put out a new book in September of 2007, possibly out of a desire to confuse people. Klein's is The Shock Doctrine, and Naomi Wolf's is The End of America:a letter of warning to a young patriot.(This past summer Ms. Wolf had an article in the Guardian discussing the premise of her then-forthcoming book-- here: Fascist America in Ten Steps.

5. They're both very talented and smart and pretty and should send me free copies of their books to review. Don't you think so?

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