Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time for a New Sandwich

in a previous comment thread, Micah Holmquist asked me why I think independent voters are healthier(i.e. mentally healthier) than rank-and-file party-line voters, particularly die-hard democratic voters.

This is only a partial, decidedly provisional, answer:

although independent voters may often make decisions based on faulty apprehensions(abetted by our crappy press), they don't entrust in "The Party",whether D or R, a blind faith that any solution can and will only come from Our Guys.

Now, I also think "Unity '08" is misguided crap, but conditioned rat-in-a-cage democrats like those Arvin alludes to will tolerate any manner of non-democratic shit from "our" candidates because somehow, magically, everything will eventually be set right even if he sounds (and acts)awfully like a republican in the interim.

Or she.

Think of Homer and the sandwich:

"It's still good-- it's still good..."