Tuesday, April 25, 2006

possible polling divorce, more on Hu

from Steve Soto's Left Coaster, via Avedon:

CNN Says Goodbye To Gallup - Surprise, Bush Hits 32%; 55% Say He Isn't Honest
The rumored divorce between Gallup and CNN is a fact (will Gallup go to Fox?). And look what happens. The new pollster's first poll shows Bush falling to 32%.
Soto notes that the democrats supposedly have a ten point advantage going into the mid-term elections. People may well tell the pollsters that, and mean it, but I don't believe it. Every time the dems are ahead they panic, and ask themselves what they need to do to seem more non-threatening so that they might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory supposedly lock in their lead, as if voters' perceptions were tradeable mutual funds. As the Roman poet Juvenal once said, fortune favors the bold, you dumb motherf***ers. (I paraphrase.)

I've been looking for a non blog corroboration of Soto's assertion regarding the split between Gallup and CNN, but have not yet found it. Although I did find this, from Mediabistro's TV Newser:

Yale Restricts CNN Producer During Hu Visit [from last Friday-JV]:

"A CNN reporter was thrown out of a private reception in Yale President Richard Levin's office after he shouted a question about whether Hu had seen more than 1,000 protesters gathered on the city green," the Associated Press reports.

The reporter was Joe Vaccarello, an associate producer in the U.N. bureau...

The AP quotes a Yale spokeswoman who says Vaccarello was thrown out because "we invited you to cover an event, not to hold a press conference." But "as far as he knew, there were no restrictions," a CNN source says.
The reporter "was escorted out of Woodbridge Hall by police," the Yale Daily News added.

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