Tuesday, April 18, 2006

what did you buy in the war daddy?

As some of you know I'm presently looking for a job, which is why I've been trying to brush up on my spreadsheet composing skills, which lay fallow in my last gig(as some of you also know.)
So, however belatedly, in marking the 3rd anniversary of George Jnr's war, I thought I'd share some of my spreadsheet practice with you, to whit:

*UTX march 20, 2003 price was actually 61.20. The number in the chart retroactively reflects a stock split. Nos. courtesy Yahoo finance.

Boeing makes the C-130 transport plane, Lockheed makes fighter aircraft, United Technologies's Sikorsky division makes the famous Blackhawk helicopter, Raytheon makes missiles, and I daresay Haliburton needs no introduction.

Is making a bucket of money off of a needless war wrong? How would I know, I'm not an ethicist! I'm just a guy who needs a job. I know how to do research of at least a cursory sort, how to make charts, and how to blog-- which may or may not be a skill. The modern age has brought us smart-bombs, to take the sting out of war, and specialization, to take the moral quandaries out of everyday life.