Tuesday, August 23, 2005

more Dick 4 U

this post is humbly dedicated to:

1.the groundswell of people who have complained that I don't have enough images of Nixon on this blog, and

2. the groundswell of people who have apparently complained to blogger about how they don't do enough to regulate speech protect people who read blogs from material that might offend persons of exquisite mind and singular goodness from having their tender sensibilities assaulted, and gently insisted that blogger add that "flag" button which you see in the blue bar at the topmost right of your screen, which I only saw for the first time yesterday.

Don't get me wrong-- I happen to really like blogger, and recognize they have to protect themselves from litigation, protect their reputation, etc. And it must have been a groundswell of people complaining, right? Or maybe a demi-groundswell of some really noisy people, as the case may be.

Given how strongly I believe in education, I'm thinking it's time to learn to curse in a variety of foreign languages. Or, Soit il est vraiment con ou alors c'est un sacré hypocrite ou carrément les deux!(As Nixon might've said.)

cigar box image courtesy Rotten.com
bowling Nixon image courtesy George Mason University, via kamiku.free.fr