Saturday, August 13, 2005


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1. I work this weekend, as I do most weekends-- but I also have a couple of pretty important non-blog projects to attend to, so I probably won't post again until Tuesday, apart from a couple of images of interest. (my work is far less intellectually challenging than Prof. Einstein's.) My friend Arvin went down to Crawford today, and I believe Mike Sutton is going down there tomorrow, as part of a small Denton contingent. Needless to say, the local authorities haven't arrested Cindy Sheehan on Thursday like they said they were going to. Guess it would look bad.

2. I will set up a donate button(or buttons), a P.O. box for people leery of internet transactions, and announce the name of the project I've provisionally dubbed "Iraqdoc 2007" on September 1st. I still haven't decided if the project will take the form of a non-profit or an LLC, but I will do so, soon. That, and filing the paperwork, etc. has to come first. The main advantages of an LLC over a non-profit, as far as I can see, (1) are a far simpler tax situation, and (2) more robust protection against litigation, which is of no small concern to me.