Monday, February 28, 2005

California cocktail blogging

what's Maria Shriver talking about? What does the gesture indicate? Is it related to her husband? Nancy sure looks amused. Maybe Maria's had a vodka stinger:

look at that beautiful blue creme de menthe. That's why it's the official cocktail of the democratic party.

or maybe she's had a Rob Roy:

they're often referred to as the "scottish martini"

but if you're thinking that the color of the Rob Roy makes it the official cocktail of the GOP it isn't; they're too hung up on faux moralism and faux populism to have an official cocktail; possibly they have an official beer-- I'm thinking maybe Killian's Red(which is brewed by Coors, appropriately enough.)

My point? None whatsoever. Possibly I'll post about important stuff later this week, after my midterms.