Friday, May 07, 2004

Kerry puts his finger up in the air: - Kerry dismisses Rumsfeld apology, because it's the au courant thing to do...

what Kerry really needs to talk about is the changes in US policies towards POWs, including the creation of the "enemy combatant" status created by the Patriot Act-- which he voted for-- this would be an ideal time for him to show some backbone and be a "flip-flopper" and call attention to it-- by apologizing himself, for his support of legislation that, ultimately, helped bring about the Abu Ghraib fiasco. Still, that's probably expecting too much. Do you think any legislator* who voted for the Patriot Act back in the fall of 2001 would apologize for it, and acknowledge that, just maybe, they had a hand in throwing our regard for people's rights out the window, and emboldening the authoritarian and brutish elements in our government and our military that helped create the necessary conditions for Abu Ghraib? (And while I'm dreaming, is it too late to draft Russ Feingold for president? )

*Actually, if you know of one, whether from the left or the right, I'd like to know about it.