Saturday, December 20, 2003

NBB says:
from the stack of vids I got from work:
1.Herzog's & Kinski's Nosferatu. One of the soundtrack items sounded pretty cool, but inappropriate for the time setting. The film itself is okay, with Kinski doing a Max Schrek impersonation. Isabelle Adjiani's Lucy, and a slim Bruno Ganz is Harker. I recall Siskel praising the film back in his and
Ebert's PBS days.

2.Y Tu Mama Tambien. cumming of age story about two young wastrels and an older woman who takes them to school. It's reminiscent of Jules et Jim, Summer of '42, and Last Tango in Paris. I like it for the most part, save a concluding bit that cuts the film off at the knees. I won't say what it is, if you plan on seeing it.

3. Kiss Me Stupid. with Dean Martin, Ray Walston, and Kim Novak, Billy Wilder directed .For the first time I've seen a Wilder clunker. Martin plays himself, stuck in Climax, NV with Walston, a piano teacher/aspiring songwriter and possessive hubby. Cliff Ormond's a gas pump jockey and Walston's writing
partner. The two want to show their work to Martin, so Ormond disables the
former's car. Walston fears Martin will put the moves on his wife, so he fakes an argument and sends her home to her mother. Novak's a waitress from the local girlie dive Ormond hires to play Walston's wife for the evening, so Martin can get his chick fix and possibly buy some songs as a result. Novak affects a raspy, sultry tone, which made me think the part may have been intended for Monroe (the picture came out in '64). Walston finds he can't put Novak through it, so he kicks Martin out. Walston's wife returns while the "party" is going on, and troops off to the girlie dive to get soused. Martin, kicked out, goes to the dive, and scores with Mrs W, not knowing said fact, of course. Walston scores with Novak. In the morning, Mrs W gives Novak Martin's payment, enabling Novak to leave town. Mrs W goes back to Ray. Martin buys one song, none the wiser.
The whole rat pack thing died after Ocean's, as far as I'm concerned. The credits roll as the each cast member walks past, symbolic of a final walk off to me.