Monday, December 08, 2003

NBB writes in:

If it's Dean, then it'll be Nixon vs McGovern redux.

Shattered Glass: neat and tidy, All the Prez's Men lite. I didn't know that the average age of TNR staff was 26 back then, which makes me wonder if Peretz was attempting to reflect Clintonian staff youthfulness, but then I
recall reading TNR pieces criticizing same. The movie focuses on the political half; arts doesn't even exist in it. Leon Wieseltier merits a mention too, but he'd probably wax rhetorical then, chewing scenery like he does paper. Peretz is shown making staff circle all the commas in one issue to
make a point about said item. Michael Kelly argues with him, and wins the day. Kelly's canning's covered, but not the suspected reason, namely, Peretz's Gore connection.

In hindsight, Glass's pieces did seem outlandish, especially the one on the young conservatives and the anti D.A.R.E. article, as well as the one on Greenspan.

Wonder if someone will do a film on Blair and the Times, or Dwight Macdonald battling the Partisan Review crew? ("You goddamned Trotskyites!")
A definite yawner: George Gilder's purchase of the American Spectator and the subsequent emphasis on broadband and tech stocks, climaxing with the bubble's bust.

Bart, shouldn't that be All the Peretz's Men? Haw haw haw...