Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Non-bloggin' Bart writes:

Last day of training tonight, with real time phones. One will either pass, be asked to retrain, or be terminated. If I fall into the second option, I'll turn them down. Otherwise, I start tomorrow.

Been looking at condos again. There are some older ones across Broadway from Knibbe, Chateaux Dijon, that are reasonably priced for 1/1 units. I just realized I could muster up a hefty down payment after my excessively mentioned fiscal goals are met.

Hugo: I believe the Chateau Dijon condos are where judge john wood was gunned down in the parking lot back in th' late 70's by one of woody harrelson's relatives*. i've forgotten the details, but tracy used to refer to them as the "famous murder condos". Cachet or a bummer? Good luck w training.

*all I could find in a cursory googling was the fbi guy's obit...