Thursday, May 08, 2003

Jessica Lynch, cont'd:

In an earlier post in April I note that "Jessica Lynch's father goes on record saying his daughter was not stabbed or shot, contrary to prior reports. It strikes me as another one of those news items that may have a mythology and life of its own." Now the link to that item is gone, which to be fair happens routinely to Yahoo news links. But now Yahoo is reporting that:

" Former POW Jessica Lynch, making progress after surgeries for injuries sustained in Iraq, is doing well emotionally but still cannot remember her capture and may never do so, one of her doctors said Thursday.Dr. Greg Argyros, assistant chief of the Department of Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where Lynch is being treated, said evaluations of Lynch so far suggest there is only a slim chance she may remember her ordeal.

"The likelihood is very low that she will remember any of the events from the time of the attack until the time she woke up in the Iraqi hospital" after being rescued, he said in an interview on NBC's "Today" show. What happened in the March 23 incident, in which 11 troops were killed and Pfc. Lynch and five others were captured, has been unclear. A convoy of her 507th Maintenance Unit was reported to have taken a wrong turn and been ambushed by Saddam Fedayeen militia in southern Iraq. Lynch was rescued by special operations forces April 1, but there have been varying accounts of the rescue.

Though authorities may never get Lynch's firsthand account, Lynch's father, Greg Lynch Sr., said in a statement the family is "not worried about when she can tell her story." "She'll tell it when she's ready," he said. "We just want her to get better."
(AP- Pauline Jelinek, May 8th. Emphases are mine.)

Forgive me for always seeing ulterior devious workings under the surface of news related to Gulf War II, but it sounds to me like the Bush II administration has been refashioning the narrative again. Does Dr Argyros have concerns about funding for his hospital that he didn't before someone from Rumsfeld's truth and reconceal-iation comission had a talk with him? (and mediate booking him on the Today show?)