Friday, January 24, 2003

You Don't Get It. We're Creating JOBS!

USA Today(Jan 21st) carries this story about Bush wanting to increase the tax break on "company" cars for small businesses and the self-employed from the present $25,000 per car limit to a whopping $75,000 per car, er, vehicle. So if all those accountants stop buying Accords and ante up for 10 mile-per-gallon Suburbans and Navigators, we'll spend our way our way out of recession, or so the cowboy-in-chief seems to believe. And we'll have even more reason to tap the Alaskan wilderness (which he's been drooling over for some time now.). But while we're still on the article, here's my favorite bit:

" Bush appointee Jeffrey Runge, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, scolded automakers at an industry conference one week ago for not making SUVs safer and more fuel efficient. He told reporters that he considers some SUVs so dangerous he wouldn't allow his family in them "if they were the last vehicles on Earth."

A stung auto industry shot back with statistics showing SUVs are very safe in the most common types of crashes.

White House spokesman Taylor Gross said Monday that the provision "is not designed to favor one vehicle over another, but rather to allow small businesses to buy more equipment and to create more jobs."

I'd like those self-righteous so-and-sos who voted for Nader to remind me again what they were voting for. I mean besides Bush, Jr in the White House of course.