Thursday, January 30, 2003

Bart: We'll see, Skippy.

Since you've switched to The Nation (you didn't respond to my question so I assume you went further left) I best key you in on some TNR stuff. They reviewed the Sam Fuller autobio; the reviewer sez Fuller's best experienced on the big screen, preferably in a seedy urban theatre.He feels Fuller got a swelled head after appearing in a Godard film in the early 60s; Fuller was past his prime by then, in the reviewer's opinion. Fuller's essential ouvre still stands for the reviewer, though, despite the reduced experience of the work in vid/dvd. I finally caught up with my TNRs. You keeping up with The Nation?

Hugo: presently I don't get either TNR or the Nation. I'd kinda like to go back to getting TNR, in part out of a sort of loyalty to ole
Stanley Kauffmann, even though I can read him on-line, of course. I signed up to get TNR's e-mail newsletter, but they stopped coming after a month. The same thing happened with the gallup poll's weekly newsletter(which was surprisingly interesting.) When I went to Gallup's site after they stopped e-mailing me, my status was listed as still getting the newsletter. I tried unsubscribing and resubscribing with Gallup, but the site just told me I was already subscribed. (Incidentally, Gallup refers to their archive as the poll vault. I know, ouch.) So when I had a similar happening w/ TNR I didn't bother to investigate. A longer explanation then you may have wanted,perhaps, but hey, who said I was as pithy as ole Bart Jimjake?