Tuesday, March 24, 2009

****in' Blogrolling dot com

The two or three nice persons who read my wee blog may have noticed that I took down my main blogroll recently. This is because the host of my main blogroll( until recently) was blogrolling.com, which allowed you to post a few lines of script to your template, whether in a blogger environment or elsewhere, and add or subtract or otherwise edit items on your blogroll at their site without having to potentially reformat your template each time, making it(again, until recently) a much appreciated free service.

I guess they have to do whatever they need to in order to remain profitable-- or to finally make a profit, as the case may be-- so apparently they decided to crappify their basic free service and make it a lot more difficult to use, both for the blog host and any random user who wants to click on a link. Now the link is set up to take you to an ad first, and won't let you see the actual url you are linking to, and editing the blogroll from their website is now substantially more difficult than before. Possibly I'm overreacting, and the subscription version of their service, which to be fair I must acknowledge I've never used, might be a lot better. And again, it's not as if I ever paid them anything, so I have no business being too annoyed by this development. It would've been nice if they'd emailed users of the free service regarding the changes-- and who knows, maybe they did, and the spamcatcher go my email and hence I never saw it.(When you post your email address in a public place, like on a page of a blog, even if not on the main page, almost inevitably you'll get far too much junk mail to slog through and read everything that lands in the junk folder, lest it be important, even if you're just restricting yourself to reading the titles.)

Anyway, I will repost a regular hand-coded blogroll in a few days, before the end of the month at any rate. If you've been linking here and want me to link to you, email me or leave a comment here, and I'll look at it(unless you're just selling stuff.).

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