Thursday, July 03, 2008

Life in a Vacuum 2 and 3/5: Corraboration

As I mentioned in my previous post it is important to discern what is important and about the delusional state of the American world view and I have found the most absolute perfect example of what I am talking about. Below is an excerpt from a very popular liberal blog, it’s not important who wrote it but that it is such a good example.

Via Discourse, I found these neat Obama bumper stickers. This is a homegrown operation and lots of fun. Just like this one, which may be the best series of campaign posters ever. They are everywhere in my neighborhood.

But aside from all the great creativity bursting forth from supporters, one of the best things about the Obama campaign is its exceptional branding and graphics. So far, it's been more modern, more well thought out, more interesting than any I ever seen. I wrote about it a couple of months ago.

His campaign events have been extremely well produced as well, although you'll have to go a long way to beat Bush hovering over filled stadiums on Marine One at sunset to the strains of "Danger Zone" from Top Gun. (I thought the crowd was going to start speaking in tongues en masse --- led by the press.)

There is talk that Obama is going to give his nomination acceptance speech at Viagra Field at Mile High Stadium. (Oh, it's Invesco field, I'm sorry. I get those corporate names all confused.) Anyway, this could be very exciting television if done well.

There is nothing wrong with stagecraft, even if the Bush administration treated it as if it was the only thing that mattered. They had a very talented crew who kept the country and the media gaga for years:

Astonishingly after all the lurches to the right Obama has taken promising more of the same economy, more of the same war, possibility of widening the war, approval of state surveillance, regaling us with his affinity to Reagan, Nixon, Bush I, and the Clinton cronies joining the dream team all that matters to the owner of the above quote is that a Democrat wins.

It sounds to have been written by a child. See the pwetty pwetty bumper stickers? Gee aren’t they keen? The emphasis is on of all things tactics not issues, no never issues. The comment about Bush is actually very funny and to the point yet when it comes to Obama the blinders go on. Exceptional branding and graphics, more modern etc. etc. with no actual mention of where Obama stands or what his presidency might be like. This from a person who actually does read the news and is probably quite well informed on many political issues yet the analytical processes fall apart and it is so far removed from anything of actual importance that it boggles the mind and this is typical of what American political discourse is like. What seems quite clear is that the problems come not from stupidity but from a blind spot that is so adamantine, so well armored against reality that nothing can break through it.