Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello out there...

I note that Terry Welch of The nitpicker blog seems to have yanked his posts from blogger. Does anyone reading this know about Welch's story? (I know about a year ago he announced a plan to go to either Afghanistan or Iraq to write about events there, and I understand he was in Afghanistan a few years ago.) Unfortunately I hadn't kept up with his blog lately.

Also, what has become of Manish of

And what about Lisa English of Ruminate This? Er, Ruminate This! (Note that her occasional co-writer Jack K. is still going strong at Grumpy Forester.)

I imagine Haroun Moghul of Avari, later Eteraz, is busy with his doctoral program at Columbia or working on another book, and although his blog writings are eminently missed by me, I can well imagine he doesn't have the time. Best wishes sir, wherever you are.