Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mark Kleiman, champion pithmonger

the always useful Mark Kleiman is on a roll this week; it's enough to make you believe in biorhythms or something:

"McCain is clearly the most unfit of the three leading Republican candidates for President: until you think about the other two. Then it's harder to say."

"more than half of the registered voters[polled] say they haven't heard enough about Mitt Romney to form an opinion. I, on the other hand, have already heard more about Mitt Romney than I ever wanted to, and we're still 16 months from Election Day."

on Lou Dobbs:"A somewhat flexible relationship with reality"
(actually David Leonhardt of the NYT said it, but Dr. K found it.)

on US Foreign policy:
"Not only has the Bush Administration failed to figure out what it can't get away with any more in domestic politics, it's making the same mistake internationally. Now that the Iraq adventure has gone sour, decreasing the leverage we have over other governments and increasing their leverage on us, playing the arrogant hegemon isn't just rude, it's stupid."

less pithy, but important:

Prediction: The infoUSA/Clinton connection, which goes to the heart of the way corporations buy protection from regulation, will be a one-day event, while John Edwards's haircut will live in infamy.

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