Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Schwarzing around

Jonathan Schwarz of A Tiny Revolution has been posting up a storm of late. Here are links and titles of some recent items:

"How To Keep Your All-Encompassing Fantasy World Intact" 10.12

"George Bush Explains The Seriousness Of The Situation In Iraq" 10.13

"Only So Many Ways To Persuade Yourself It's Okay To Kill Others" 10.14

"Once Again I'm Proven Right About Humanity's Frothing Lunatics" 10.15 and

"Not IN SPITE OF But BECAUSE*" 10.17

*Wherein he tells a fable about a lady who didn't know the sun was a star like other stars in the sky, then one day became the chief astronomer of the United States. At least I think it's a fable.

Unlike J. Schwarz, I've been unproductive in bloggo land. I've prepared a lot of pies lately, to varying degrees, but haven't placed them in the oven because I need to concentrate on a couple of other matters, at least for the next few days.

"Horsing Around"(1957)still via /Columbia.