Sunday, March 19, 2006

albatross, etc.

I forget where I found this-- I think it's from a couple of weeks ago.

this polling report chart[from 3-17] suggests that Condoleeza Rice has been singularly successful in inoculating herself from the general taint that the GOP has been suffering from lately. (although I'm also curious how Kerry, Gore, Pelosi, and HRC have been polling recently, as I somehow doubt the democrats are necessarily shining by contrast. If I had to guess, I suspect that Al Gore and Bill Clinton are probably viewed more favorably than any present dem officeholders, including Mrs. Clinton, but I can't afford the el deluxo polling report membership.)

of course, Dr Rice isn't necessarily viewed so favorably elsewhere. She was heckled and called a murderer(!) when she went to speak at the University of Sydney last week, during her 3 day trip down under when she visited with Aussie PM John Howard(photo). To her credit she handled it a lot better than I imagine GWB or Cheney would have, actually asking one of the hecklers if he had something to say.

see also wikinews item, here, and US State dept transcript, here.